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We offer a wide range of tracks and services for companies looking to get their staff motivated and give them some fun in the process!

Recently, sent us 40 of their staff for an event which was a complete success...

They split into four groups and each took a song, (Eye of the tiger, Bohemian Rhapsody, Walking on Sunshine and Let me Entertain You) after practicing for an hour with the backing tracks in separate rooms each group was led into our new recording suite where the magic took place!

The results were put onto CD, and judged Pop Idol style!

Every member had a great time and took away a personalised certificate at the end of the session with their own photo on it as well as a copy of all four tracks to commemorate the day!

Sound like your type of day?

Give us a call now for a chat about our services and how they can help you.

OCR use us for their exam CD's for music exams and languages.  We've been used by many companies for language course CD's and television junction have used our central stage room for  a citizenship DVD for school distribution.