On arrival all guests will be shown into a practise room by one of our producers.
Here you have opportunity to warm up whilst the live room is prepared for you.

Next you will be set up in the recording booth whilst we load your backing music onto our multi-track system ready for your vocal performance.
In the booth you'll record takes of your chosen tracks, and on hen and stag parties we record individual takes to allow divas to show off their skills!!

After the recording, you will then be taken to sit in with the engineer as he begins to mix your track,
compiling the best bits of each take to complete the final mix.
Our highly skilled engineer will use various techniques and the latest technology such as vocal correction (for all those wayward notes ;),
EQ, reverbs and other special effects to show you a few of the processes that are used to record some of the biggest artists today.

The tracks will then be burned onto a CD for you to take with you.
Your photo will also be taken in the studio - so you can also walk away with a certificate to celebrate your time and a customised CD cover.