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Robannas Recording Studio is equally well suited to a singer-songwriter, a full band session or a karaoke-style birthday party. Over the years we have produced professional voice-overs, chart singles and commercially released albums. Click here to see some corporate recording sessions. All sessions include one of our qualified producers to guide you through the process, and make sure your tracks sound as good as possible.

We are very happy to show any potential customers round the studio,
to arrange a meeting call us on 0121 333 3201



Miguel has been a resident producer here for over ten years. Having worked with the likes of the Pussycat Dolls and Napalm Death, he is experienced in many styles of production. He also works at Studio 341 in Portugal. Miguel also offers Sound Engineering classes, one to one or group. He is currently taking bookings between 11th - 30th January. Get in touch with him via email - or facebook.


Bob has been producing here since 2012. He graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a 1st class degree in Music Technology and Popular Music, specialising in recording and performance. He is an experienced guitar teacher and is happy to provide session guitar, bass, keyboard and vocal parts to any tracks that require them. More information (including samples of previous work & contact details) can be found at


(free to use with any recording session)


Focusrite Control 24 Desk
Apogee Symphony 64
Neve Summing Mixer 16
Focusrite 828 8-Channel Preamp
Audient ASP008 8-Channel Preamp
Focusrite ISA 430 Channel Strip x2
Focusrite Red 3 Dual Compressor
Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strip x2
Universal Audio LA-6176
Avalon DI Box x2
Warm Audio WA76 x2
Warm Audio EQP-WA
Orchid Reamp Box
Pro-Tools 9
Dynaudio M2s
Yamaha NS10s


Neumann U87
Blue Kiwi
Shure Beta 52
Audio-Technica ATM250de
AKG D112e
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser E602
Shure 57 Beta
Shure SM57
AKG C451e
SE 2200a
Rode NT1
SE Ribbon
AKG C3000b
Beyer DT100 Cans


Marshall JCM800
Marshall JCM900
Mesa Triple Rectifier
ENGL Powerball
Line6 Bogner Valve
Peavey 5150
Peavey 6505
Fender Twin
Fender Deville
Fender Blues Jr
Vox AC30
Roland Jazz Chorus
Blackstar HT Stage 60
Ampeg Classic (Bass)
Gallien-Kreuger 1001RB (Bass)
Ashdown Evo II 900 (Bass)


DW All-Maple Kit
Zildjian A Custom Cymbals
Over 20 Snares
DW Pedals
Meinl Headliner Congas
All Sorts of Percussion


Roland RD-800
Yamaha Motif XF8
Nord Stage Piano
Korg Triton '73
Fender Rhodes '73
Hammond XB-2


Fender Telecaster
Epiphone Les Paul
Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Fender 5-string Bass

CLICK HERE to read our top tips for a recording session!


Flat Rate: £30 per hour
Special Offer: 10 hours for £250

Hours bought as part of a package can be split across any number of days.
All sessions include an Engineer. Contact us for dry hire rates.

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